Monitor Performance Image

See what your users are asking

Within a data source’s “Monitor & Fine-tune” tab, you can see all questions that you, other admins, and your end users have asked.

Question logs and filters

You can filter your question logs via the drop-down menu. When you’ve found a question that you want to check, you can open it by clicking the question’s row in the table view.

Question logs & filtering

User feedback

Your end users have the ability to report issues or incorrect answers. These are marked as ‘Correct’ or ‘Incorrect’. You can filter to only see correct or incorrect user questions via the dropdown menu in the top left corner.

If a user marks a question as ‘Incorrect’, we recommend clicking into the question and checking the SQL that was generated. You should identify the issue, fix it, and add the question-SQL pair to your model.

Once the fixed query is added to your model, Buster will immediately learn from it and start answering similar questions correctly.

For more info about troubleshooting and debugging, go here.

Regularly check your logs

You should regularly check the question logs in your data source’s “Monitor & Fine-tune” tab. As you continue to identify, fix, and add question-SQL pairs to your model performance will improve.