Stylize Image

Themes, colors, and more

Buster allows you to customize the themes, colors, padding, etc to ensure that your UI feels native to your web app. This can all be done from the “Styling” tab within your project. All changes are saved automatically but will not be reflected in your embedded application until you “Publish” them.

Styling tab

Advanced styling is only available on paid plans.

Remove Buster branding

Removing the ‘Powered by Buster’ branding is only available on our enterprise plan. If you are on an enterprise plan, you can toggle off “Watermark’ (found in the styling tab) to remove Buster branding from your component.

Within the settings tab you can upload your company icon/logo. Your uploaded icon will be used within the chat view.

Test data mode

Click the beaker icon (located in the top right corner of the styling tab) to fill your dashboard with test data.

Custom code

Custom code can be added to your entire site or on specific pages. This allows you to customize nearly any aspect of your Buster UI. Custom code is only available on enterprise plans. If you need assistance with this, contact us at: